Welcome to Tiny Hands Baby Bank.

We are a not-for-profit charity based in West Yorkshire, led by our founder Jane Robinson and a whole host of volunteers from the local community.

Jane started Tiny Hands back in 2017 when, as a foster carer, she witnessed firsthand that some families, having met almost all criteria but falling shy of the final details, were unable to be reunited with their children.

From here Jane made it her mission to help these families, which could be achieved by providing items such as a new cot, a car seat to bring their children home in or an essentials kit of items such as blankets, nappies and baby wipes.

Knowing there was more she could do, Jane set up Tiny Hands Baby Bank with the support of local volunteers and sponsors. Through word of mouth and professional bodies making referrals, is now able to support around 2,000 families each year through various initiatives.